Mandate of PAGASA (Republic Act No. 10692)
  • Provide adequate, up-to-date data, and timely information on atmospheric, astronomical and other weather-related phenomena using the advances achieved in the realm of science to help government and the people prepare for calamities caused by tropical cyclones, floods/drought, rain induced landslides, storm surges, extreme weather/climatic events, and climate change, among others, to afford greater protection of lives/livelihood, and properties;
  • Provide science and technology-based assessments and information for decision-making related to disaster risk reduction and management, climate change adaptation and integrated water resources management, as well as capacity building, to ensure local and national economic well-being; and,
  • Ensure that the country fulfills its commitments to international meteorological and climate change agreements.
  • Protecting lives, Livelihoods and Properties through timely, Accurate and Reliable weather-related information and Services
  • Center of excellence for weather-related information and Services
  • Maintain a nationwide network, pertaining to observation and forecasting of weather and flood and other climatological conditions affecting the national safety, welfare and economy;
  • Undertake activities relative to observation, collection, assessment and processing of atmospheric and allied data for the benefit of agriculture, commerce and industry;
  • Engage in studies of atmospheric, geophysical and astronomical phenomena essential to the safety and welfare of the people as well as undertake researches on the structure, development and motion of typhoons and formulate measures for their mitigation;
  • Maintain effective linkages with scientific organizations here and abroad and promote exchange of scientific information and cooperation among personnel engaged in atmospheric, geophysical, astronomical and space studies;
  • Undertake activities to provide an adequate manpower pool of well-trained specialists and personnel; and,
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned by law