Calibration Services
Overview of the Instruments Research and Development Unit (IRDU)
  • Keep a set of meteorological standard instruments traceable with recognized national or international standards.

  • Serve as the centre for the national reference standard for basic meteorological instruments of the agency.

  • Perform calibration of basic meteorological instruments and equipment.

  • Issue and file certificates of calibrations

  • Cooperate with other local and international instrument centers for standardization of basic meteorological instruments.

  • Participate to inter-comparison of basic meteorological instruments.

  • Training of personnel in calibration methodology and basic meteorological instrumentation.

  • Participate actively in local and international workshops, conference and trainings.

  • Perform research on basic meteorological instruments and equipment, and the conduct of thorough study to support research project.

IRDU Services for Calibration with Corresponding Fees
NOTE: Please be advised that there will be an expected increase of Calibration Fees.
Pressure Instruments Fee
Mercurial Barometer 660.00
Aneroid Barometer 550.00
Precision Aneroid Barometer Including Electronic Type (digital) 695.00
Microbarograph 510.00
Surveying Altimeter 0.05/mt elevation

Temperature Instruments (Ordinary / Liquid Glass) Fee
Room Thermometer, dry-wet bulb 660.00
Minimum Thermometer 745.00
Maximum Thermometer 700.00

Recording / Indicating (dial type) Temperature Instruments Fee
Thermograph 630.00
Dial Type including electronic type 670.00

Humidity Instruments Fee
Hygrograph 510.00
Dial Type including electronic type 540.00

Wind Instruments Fee
Up to 110 kph simulation 1,040.00

Others Fee
Tipping Bucket Recorder 620.00

IRDU Contact Details

For Quotation Requests

Mr. Ferdinand Barcenas

Unit Chief, IRDU

Agham Road, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1100

(632) 9292121