Trainings and Activities
Training Title Date of Submission
Master's Degree Program in Public Administration 19 Feb 2018
Master's Degree Program in Public Management and Public Sector Reforms 19 Feb 2018
Thailand International Post Graduate Program for 2018 28 Feb 2018
Wellcome Trust Doctoral Studentships 15 Feb 2018
International Climate Protection Fellowship for Young climate Experts from Developing Countries 15 Feb 2018
Masters and DoctoralStudies 15 Feb 2018
9-month short term research 15 Feb 2018
Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) 15 Feb 2018
Training Course on Clean Technologies-Environmental Technology, Innovation and Mgt System as a Means od REgional and Local Economic Development 15 Feb 2018
Coordination Meeting for SIGMET Coordination in Southeast Asia 15 Feb 2018
Water Realated Disaster Risk Reduction 12 Feb 2018
Weather Forecasting for Operational Meteorologist 15 Feb 2018
Distance Learning Course in Hydrology II: Advanced Topics in Hydraulics, Hydrology and Hydrometeorology 08 Feb 2018
Training Program on Adapting to Climate Change 05 Feb 2018
ASEAN-ROK Co-training Workshop for Weather/climate Data Processing and Restoration 05 Feb 2018
4th Philippine Engineering Summit and ASEAN Engineers Conferment 15 Feb 2018
Workshop on SMART Informatics for Sustainability 06 Feb 2018
Best Practice Workshop on Climate Change Projctions and their Applications in ASEAN Countries 02 Feb 2018
2018 KOICA Scholarship Program 06 Feb 2018
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation in the Workplace 06 Feb 2018
Dealing with Stress at the Workplace and Job Burntout 06 Feb 2018
Effective communication Skills and Handling Customer Complaints 01 Dec 2018
79th Philippine Institute of Chemical engineers (PIChe) 02 Dec 2018
Master in National Security Administration of the National Defense College of the Phils 15 Feb 2018
Training Program on Best Available Technique and Best Environmental Practice 15 Mar 2018
Kabisig Philippine Government Expo and Trade Fair for 2018 15 Feb 2018
Workshop on the Design of a Philippine City Disaster Insurance Pool 24 Jan 2018
DOST-HRDP Graduate Scholarships for AY 2018-2019 02 Dec 2018
23rd PG on RS and GIS 30 Jan 2018
11th PG Course on Sat Met and Global Climate 30 Jan 2018
11th PG Course on Space and Atmospheric Sciences 30 Jan 2018
JMA/WMO Workshop on Quality Management of Surface Observations -RA II WIGOS Project 09 Jan 2018
WMO Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project Southeast Asia (SWFDP-SeA) Regional Training Workshop on Severe Forecasting Delivery of Warning Services 08 Feb 2018
WMO/ASEAN Training Workshop on Weather Radar Quality and Standardization 27 Dec 2018
Post graduate Diploma,, MSc in Technology and PhD in Hydrology 15 Apr 2018
European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecast 28 Feb 2018
MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climate with Management 15 Jan 2018
BSc, MSc, and PhD programmes in Meteorology, HYdrology, Ecology and Environmental Physics, Oceanography 15 Jan 2018
BSc and MSc programme in Meteorology and Hydrology 15 Jan 2018
MSc in applied Met and PhD programmes in Met, Envi related subjects 15 Jan 2018
MSc and PhD programmes in Hydrology and Water Resources; Agriculture Engineering; Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering; Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering 15 Jan 2018
MSc programme in Water Resources 15 Jan 2018
MSc or PhD programmes in Numerical Weather Prediction; Dynamic Met; Climate Physics; Synoptic Met; Satellite Met; REmote Sensing 25 Aug 2018
MSc programmes in Hydrology and Water Resources; Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Devlopment; Hydraulic Engineering; Water Resources Management; Hydroinformatics; Water Quality Manaegment 28 Feb 2018
Speakers for Technical Presentation at TECO 04 Dec 2017
Space-Based Weather and Climate Extremes MOnitoring Demonstration Project Workshop 23 Nov 2017
Attachment Training for three operational forecasters 20 Nov 2017
International Roundtable on The Impact of Extreme Natural Events (IRENE) 10 Nov 2017
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Scholarship for International Studies 30 Nov 2017
Stipendium Hungaricumm Scholarship Program - AY 2018 30 Nov 2017
TCC Training Seminar on Seasonal Forecast 02 Nov 2017
Australia Awards Scholarship for June 2018 08 Nov 2018
Workshop on Operational System for Urban Flood Forecasting and Inundation Mapping (OSUFFIM) 24 Oct 2017
Training Program on Science Diplomacy 20 Oct 2018
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Info Security Mgt System-Fundamentals 20 Oct 2018
HWRF Tutorial 27 Oct 2017
ISO Consultancy Services - Internal Quality; Awareness Training; Guidance Documents on Auditing 27 Oct 2017
2018 Nanyang Fellows MBA Programme 30 Nov 2017
Int'l. Conference in Urban and Regional Planning 25 Jan 2018
AWOS Installation, Maintenance and Operation 16 Nov 2017
Climat Change Adaptation Strategies 10 Apr 2017
Training Workshop on the 2006 ALU Software for the Forestry and other Land Use Sector 04 Oct 2017
Operation and Maintenance of Radar Systems 03 Oct 2017
Improvement of Met Satellite Data Analysis and Application Capacity 02 Oct 2017
Data, Connectivity and Intelligence: Data Science Track 09 Feb 2017
JDS 2017 09 Feb 2017
Essentials of Management 25 Sep 2017
Open Data Maganement Training 25 Feb 2017
The Ease and Prospects of Doing Business Under A Federal Government 08 Sep 2017
6th International Training Course on Small Satellite Mission 09 Dec 2017
IOC Training in Marine GIS 07 Sep 2017
The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme 08 Sep 2017
Distance Learning Course in Hydrology:Basic Hydrological Sciences for Asian Countries 12 Sep 2017
JICA Long-term Training Program for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) to implement Sendai Framework 15 Sep 2017
Invitation to Apply for the DOST-Human Resource Development Program (DOST-HRDP) Graduate Scholarship for Second Semester A.Y. 2017-2018 08 Mar 2017
Training Workshop for ICoWIN Project 09 Aug 2017
SSOP II - Activity 1 08 Dec 2017
Visiting Editor for Tropical Cyclone Research and Review 08 Dec 2017
British Council's Researcher Links Workshop and Travel Grants 15 Aug 2017
16th Batch of the Middle Managers Class 08 Dec 2017
2017 MASHAV Course in Israel 08 Aug 2017
China-ASEAN Meteorological Disaster Prevention Workshop 08 Aug 2017
John Dillon Memorial Fellowship 08 Dec 2017
Geosmart Asia 08 Aug 2017
Short Term Rainfall Forecast for Tropical Cyclone Using Himawari-8 Data and NWP Model Products 08 Aug 2017
International Training Course on Tropical Cyclone 15 Aug 2017
International Training Course on Numerical Weather Prediction 08 Dec 2017
Use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology: Weather, Water and Climate Monitoring and Prediction 07 Dec 2017
Reinforcement of Meteorological Services 07 Jul 2017
2018 Millenium Technology Prize 14 Jul 2017
2nd Training Workshop on Industrial Biotechnology Driving Value Addition and Beneficiation 06 Mar 2017
Regional Train the Trainers Course for Radiation Protection Officers of Medical and Industrial Facilities 06 Mar 2017
Course on Analytic skills Development 06 Mar 2017
2017 CMA Typhoon Forecaster Training Programme - Tropical Cyclone Analysis and Forecast 06 Apr 2017
International Training Course on Climate Services for Disaster Prevention 04 Jul 2017
International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services 06 Feb 2017
Urban Meteorology, Environment and Climate Services Course 06 Feb 2017

Research and Development and Training Division (RDTD)
Training Plan for 2014

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) is one (1) of the attached agencies of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) under its Scientific and Technical Services Institutes. It is mandated to “provide protection against natural calamities and utilize scientific knowledge as an effective instrument to insure the safety, well being and economic security of all the people, and for the promotion of national progress.”

PAGASA was designated as the Regional Meteorological Training Centre (RMTC) for the South West Pacific (Region V) of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1968 with the Institute of Meteorology, now the Research and Development and Training Division (RDTD) as its “Training Component”. In 1978, the Department of Meteorology (DMO), now the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (IESM), University of the Philippines(UP) was added as its “University Component.”

The RDTD, the training, research and astronomy arm of PAGASA conducts regular training courses on Meteorology, Hydrology, Meteorological Observations and other specialized technical courses. The Meteorologists Training Course (MTC) has the compulsory topics in the atmospheric science, which include physical meteorology, dynamic meteorology, synoptic meteorology and climatology. It also contains includes most of the elective fields of specialization (aeronautical and agricultural meteorology, weather forecasting, etc.) This is in accordance with the guidelines for the Education and Training Personnel in Meteorology and Operational Hydrology (WMO- No. 258, 4th edition) and the Manual on the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology (WMO-No. 1083). This course usually requires one academic year.

The Hydrologists Training Course (HTC) is also in accordance with the guidelines of WMO-No. 258 4th Edition and the Manual on the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology (WMO-No. 1083). This course also requires one academic year. On the other hand, the Meteorological Technicians Training Course (MTTC) follows the guidelines as provided in the WMO-No 258 4th Edition.

The Training, Fellowships and Scholarships Unit (TFSU) of the Training and Public Information Section (TPIS), RDTD, PAGASA is tasked to carry out plans, coordination and the conduct of training in the atmospheric, geophysical and space sciences including the administration of local and foreign grants; and the operation and maintenance of the training facilities of the Agency in support of its human resources development program

Hydrologists Training Course (HTC)
– 05 August 2013 to 17 July 2014

General Objective: Participants shall acquire broad knowledge and skills in hydrology.

Training Course for PAGASA’s Forecasters, Hydrologists and Researchers: Capacity Enhancement for Doppler Radar Applications in Nowcasting

General Objective: Enhance the capacity of Forecasters, Hydrologists and Researchers in weather forecasting and warning using Doppler Radar

Training on Probabilistic, Quantitative, Precipitation Forecasting (PQPF)

General Objective: Acquire knowledge in Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting

Refre Course masbate

General Objective: Participants will be qualified meteorological technicians having completed the basic instruction package for meteorological technicians (BIP-MT). They will be able to carry out weather, climate and other environmental observation and perform related tasks.

Southern Luzon PRSD - 19-21 February 2014

National Capital Region PRSD - 12-14 March 2014

Mindanao PRSD - 26-28 March 2014

Visayas PRSD - 04-06 May 2014

Northern Luzon PRSD - 14-16 May 2014

General Objective: General Objective: Participants will be able to obtain license to operate radio equipment legally.

Mindanao PRSD - 02-05 April 2014

Southern Luzon PRSD - 09-12 April 2014

Visayas PRSD - 07-10 May 2014

Northern Luzon PRSD - 28-31 May 2014


General Objective: General Objective: Participants will be qualified meteorological technicians having completed the basic instruction package for meteorological technicians (BIP-MT). They will be able to carry out weather, climate and other environmental observation and perform related tasks.

Information, Education Communication (IEC) on Meteorology, Hydrology and Astronomy

General Objective: Participants shall be able to acquire knowledge and understanding in meteorology, hydrology and astronomy.

Three (3) Ad Hoc Training – to be determined later