Annual Report on Philippine Tropical Cyclones

The Annual Report on Philippine Tropical Cyclones (ARTC) is an annual technical document that serves as the yearly compendium of reviews of tropical cyclones that occurred within the Philippine Area of Responsibility based on the result of the post-season best track analysis conducted by PAGASA's tropical cyclone meteorologists. The report also includes a summary of forecast and warning services provided by the agency for the entire season and each tropical cyclone. Due to the benefit of post-season best track analysis, the information in the ARTC supersedes those reported in Tropical Cyclone Preliminary Reports and other similar technical reports or documents.

The ARTC is published by the Marine Meteorological Services Section, Weather Division at least two years after the termination of a tropical cyclone season. The reports are available in both digital (ISSN 2799-0575) and print (ISSN 2672-3190) formats.

Disclaimer: While we ensure the factual correctness and accuracy of the entries in the ARTC, readers are advised to report any information in the ARTC which may require correction to with the subject “ARTC [Year]: For Correction”.