Tropical Cyclone Preliminary Report

The Tropical Cyclone Preliminary Report is a brief technical document that provides an overview of key meteorological facts and warning-related information of a particular tropical cyclone based mainly on publicly issued bulletins, advisories, and warnings and the result of the near-real time (initial) best track analysis. As such, the information provided in this report is considered preliminary only and will be superseded by the information that will become available once the Annual Report on Philippine Tropical Cyclones (ARTC) is released. Once superseded by a corresponding ARTC, a preliminary report is removed from this webpage.

The Tropical Cyclone Preliminary Report is published by the Marine Meteorological Services Section, Weather Division at least one week after the dissipation of a particular tropical cyclone.

Disclaimer: While we ensure the factual correctness and accuracy of the entries in the ARTC, readers are advised to report any information in the ARTC which may require correction to with the subject “Prelim Report [Name of TC], [Year]: For Correction”.