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DOST-PAGASA decommissions EGAY and GORING

23 January 2024

DOST-PAGASA S&T Media Release
Quezon City, 19 January 2024

Due to the magnitude and extent of reported casualties and damages to houses, agriculture, and infrastructure, the Philippine Atmospheric and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announces the decommissioning of the names "EGAY" and "GORING" from the regular set of names for tropical cyclones within the Philippine Area of Responsibilities (PAR).

Based on disaster statistics from the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) "EGAY" and the enhanced Southwest Monsoon resulted in 30 deaths and cost of damages amounted to PHP 15.318 billion while "GORING" and enhanced Southwest Monsoon brought about 2 deaths and cost of damages reached PHP 2.421 billion.

With the decommissioning of "EGAY" and "GORING," DOST-PAGASA will be using the replacement names "EMIL" and "GAVINO" beginning in 2027.

A domestic tropical cyclone name is decommissioned or "retired" by DOST-PAGASA if its occurrence resulted in the deaths of at least 300 individuals or caused damages to houses, agriculture, and infrastructure amounting to at least PHP 1 billion based on official reports from the OCD.

For more information, you may reach out to Tropical Cyclone Operations of the Weather Division through trunkline number (02) 8284-0800 local 4800 or email

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